Meet your 2021-2022 Council

President: Mira Loock


Mira Loock (she/her)


Year: U3

Major in MIMM, minor in Education!!

Facebook: Mira Loock


Hi friends! I’m so excited to get to meet you all and serve as your MISA President for the 2021/22 year. The role of President involves chairing MISA meetings, organizing the MIMM Gala (get hyped!!), as well as supporting all other members on council. At the core of the position is the responsibility to represent fellow MIMMers at department and faculty level meetings and representing the MIMM student body within the diverse McGill community. I am also excited to work on events and improve the student council’s role in supporting you. If you see me around, do not hesitate to say hello or send me an email at

VP Finance: Sofiya Tsyplenkova

VP Finance

Sofiya Tsyplenkova (she/her)


Year: U3

Major in MIMM

Facebook: Sofiya Tsyplenkova


Hello everyone! I’m glad that we’ve all been (somewhat) released from the Zoom purgatory. It’s my second year as the VP Finance of MISA and I can confidently say that I got the hang of it. Mostly. As the position’s name suggests, I take care of our financial affairs like monthly audits, yearly and event budgets, day-to-day spending, unauthorized flamethrower purchases, cash deposits, payments, withdrawals, fund applications. Basically, I look at Excel sheets, send other people my Excel sheets, and fill out Excel sheets. This year, more than ever, I intend to support our council in their goal to strengthen the MIMM/IHI community through social and academic events, and establishing additional services to our students (check out the MISA Snack Bar).

VP Academic: Hahn Li

VP Academic

Hahn Li


Year: U2

Major in MIMM

Facebook: Hahn Li


Hello MIMM! I can’t wait to serve as your VP Academic this year! Aside from running NTCs and organizing academic events, I’m here to make sure everything in you classes this year runs as smoothly as possible. I will be the liaison between the students and the MIMM faculty, so please don’t hesitate to contact me about any academic concerns.

VP External: Mysha Ibnat

VP External

Mysha Ibnat (she/her)


Year: U3

Major in MIMM with a minor in biotechnology

Facebook: Mysha Ibnat


Hey everyone!!! I cannot wait to finally meet you all outside of zoom and am very excited to serve as your VP External this year. My role is to represent MISA to other student and professional bodies outside of the Department. I am an international student who returned to Montreal after more than a year so you might see me in different parts of the campus, struggling to find my way to classes. Feel free to reach out to me in-person or by email/Messenger to discuss or suggest ideas to MISA or rant about your classes. Also, please let me know if you know of any contacts or have any ideas for sponsorship so that we can make our MISA events extra-amazing.

VP Communications: Corissa Larson

VP Communications

Corissa Larson (she/her)

Year: U2

Major in IHI

Facebook: Corissa Larson


Hey everyone!!! I am super excited to get to finally meet you all this year and serve as your VP of Communications. You will be hearing from me a lot this year as I will be keeping you up to date on all MISA events, sending out weekly Listervs, and working to serve as a channel of communication with the MISA council and MIMM faculty. Please make sure to give our Instagram and Facebook a follow as most of our announcements will go up there and check them regularly. Also, make sure to check out our website!! Can’t wait to meet you all.

VP Social: Brendan Flores

VP Social

Brendan Flores (he/him)


Year: U3

Major in MIMM

Facebook: Brendan Flores


Hey guys! I’m excited to be your VP Social this year and to work with council in organizing some of the best events possible. I’m sure many of you are anxious to get to know each other (especially considering that some of us have only met through a screen) and I’m here to make sure you have that opportunity. If ever you have and questions/ideas about events or really anything, feel free to contact me!  

VP Sustainability: Alexandra Mircescu

VP Sustainability

Alexandra Mircescu (she/her)

Year: U3

Major in MIMM

Facebook: Alexandra Mircescu


The role of VP sustainability is multifaceted with tasks from raising funds for charities, working on new green initiatives in the department, and ensuring that the main principles of EDI are followed within MISA. Having been on council for three years now, you can reach out to me for any types of questions and I will be happy to answer. If you have any EDI concerns of sustainability proposals, make sure to contact me!

Meet the Gang

2021-2022 Council

President: Mira Loock

VP Finance: Sofiya Tsyplenkova

VP Communications: Corissa Larson

VP Academic: Hahn Li

VP Social: Brendan Flores

VP External: Mysha Ibnat

VP Sustainability: Alexandra Mircescu

U1 Reps: Gracia Yu, Vincent Duquette, Ban Sakdinan

U2 Reps: Leah Lallouz, Angela Nelson, Lauren King

U3 Reps: Stephanie Erhart, Neos Dionisopoulos, Maddy Mellett

IHI Reps: Vera Lynn, Irmak Bektas

MISA Council 2020-21
2020-2021 Council

President: Alexandra Mircescu

VP Finance: Sofiya Tsyplenkova

VP Communications: Mira Loock

VP Academic: Narmin Nojoomi

VP Social: Nina Chang

VP External: Maryssa Iacobell

VP Sustainability: Andrea Lafleur

U1 Reps: Lauren King, Hahn Li, Corissa Larson

U2 Reps: Stephanie Erhart, Neos Dionisopoulos, Maddie Vigano

U3 Reps: Andreas Dionisopoulos, Daniela Cosevoi, Milena Kukolj

IHI Reps: Irmak Bektas, Brianna Lu

MISA Council 2019-2020
2019-2020 Council

President: Maya Scott-Lourenco

VP Finance: Amanda Downey

VP Internal: Gio Mrakade

VP Academic: Andrew Nguyen

VP Social: Iris Du

VP External: Rishav Das

U1 Reps: Alexandra Mircescu, Mira Loock, Neos Dionisopoulos

U2 Reps: Nina Chang, Narmin Nojoomi, Robert Kidd 

U3 Reps: Alexander Grant, Anne Mao, Jacie Liu

IHI Reps: Colton Strong, Andreas Dionisopoulos

2018-2019 Council

President: Caroline Chu

VP Finance: Colton Strong

VP Internal: Mekayla Forrest

VP Academic: Maya Scott-Lourenco

VP Social: Morgan Gold

VP External: Jacklyne Weng

U1 Reps: Andrea Lafleur, Arundhati Nair, Andreas Dionisopolous

U2 Reps: Emina Kubat, Iris Du, Amanda Downey

U3 Reps: Jenna Cleyle, Mike Colalillo 

IHI Reps: Gio Mrakade, Susan Ping

2017-2018 Council

President: Harry Kim

VP Finance: Shannon Hewgill

VP Internal: Jackson Burke

VP Academic: Jorge Luis Flores

VP Social: Nevena Veljanovic

VP External: Caroline Chu

UReps and IHI Reps: Maya Scott-Lourenco, Colton Strong, Mekayla Forrest, Morgan Gold, Jacklyne Weng, Diana Sanchez, Olivier Richer, Nevena Veljanovic, Alessya Venuta, Mike Cola, Connie Chen, Rayoun Ramendra, Jackson Burke