What are NTCs?


What are NTCs?

Note Taker’s Club (NTCs) are notes written by students taking the same class and are revised and edited by hired class editors. These comprehensive, peer edited notes include lecture slide material and important information said by the professors during class. They can be an extremely useful resource to complement your own notes.

Payments will be through e-transfer this year, with more information detailed in the seller form here.


 NTCs are $10 per set (3 lectures) or $35 for the entire course.


Half  sets  are offered for every MIMM course for $20. 

How to Get NTCs

Once you have paid MISA at  vp.finance.misa@gmail.com, you will be shared a Google Drive Folder which will be updated weekly with NTCs! More information about purchase is available in the selling form.


If you have any questions about NTCs email misa.vp.academic@gmail.com.


To Get NTCs: Click the Form for Winter 2022 NTCs HERE

Courses Offering NTCs

Fall: MIMM 211, MIMM 323, MIMM 324, MIMM 465

Winter: MIMM 214, MIMM 314, MIMM 413, MIMM 466